Today I’ve written about a cultivar I grew over the summer, Crumbled Lime by Karma Squad. If you’ve never heard of Karma Squad, I’d relate to you is Karma’s collaborative wing. If you want to see Biker Kush crossed to another breeder’s cultivar, this is where you do it.

Crumbled Lime is a collaboration with Cannarado, it includes their Citron Cookies. By the description given, Citron Cookies is a Jilly Bean with a nondescript cookie cultivar. Jilly Bean is a Subcool cultivar, a cross of their Space Queen (Cinderella 99 x Romulan) and an Orange Skunk. In a general sense, we have a OG Kush, Cookie cross with some interesting grandparents, and some interesting tastes. Based on tastes alone, I wouldn’t be able to guess at the grandparents to save my life, their influence on the olfaction has been somewhat reduced throughout the generations.

Thanks for checking out today’s post. For you, the reader, this post is likely just info. Crumbled Lime was released about 13 months ago, unless a producer included the genetics with their license, there’s little chance to see it inside a legal channel. If you encounter it, expect something OG familiar, but I wouldn’t relate to you it redefines the character. If you’re thinking of growing it, here’s how it went for me. 

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