JWC West Coast Sour Diesel

The olfactory characteristics of JWC’s West Coast Sour Diesel fail to surpass the visual compromises or, meet the expectations set by their price point.

Figured I’d go back to the summary sentence; rips it off like a band-aid. Today we look at JWC West Coast Sour Diesel. This was purchased direct from JWC, in their ownership transition period. 


Bud size is small. Usually I see larger buds from JWC. The look is underwhelming, but superficial. I wouldn’t call cannabis that looks like this pleasing to the eye, but it is functional.

Trim is close, and precise. Looks like my previous Redecan or Vertical reviews.

Trichome coverage isn’t crazy, nor is it lacklustre.

There are numerous stamens in these flowers. You might call them nanners, bo-nanners, banana, hermie or intersexed flower. Doesn’t really affect my qualitative experience, I’d say, but it brings up a ton of questions where there are no good answers.


You could call it neutral. The buds are outwardly crispy, but they appear to have some internal density. I’d call it bad, after a few days in the container I can crush them to dust.


I think this is a Sour Diesel variant. I’m not sure if someone would be ably to tell just by smelling it. The olfaction is narrow, and in low magnitude. Has some presence but little character.


The flavour evolves a slight dusty note at the frontage. The rest of the profile slumps out of the dust; piney earths, like a muted OG. It misses some of the components you’d might associate with a good OG, Sour Diesel or Sour Kush, namely the fuel tones. The profile is present, but one dimensional and static. Capable of making some waves across your palate, but they’re ankle-biters, none are tidal.


Price per gram was $10, or $50 for a five gram pack. Forgetting the sausage party happening on the surface, I’d say the offering has Redecan looks and Tweed olfaction, with a price somewhere in between. The pervasiveness of intersexed flowers drills the value down to near zero, the quality would have to be much better to get past all the bananas.


JWC West Coast Sour Diesel, the positives don’t outweigh the negatives, and the price leans on the high side of average, depending how you place this producer in the spectrum of other quality brands. Even if a consumer misses, or doesn’t care about the intersexed flowers, what’s left isn’t enough to justify $10 per gram.


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