Today we review what is my second review of a dry sift retail product, this is Wagner’s Choice dry sift.

The formal name of this product is THC Kief- Wagner’s Choice GE. I think the name is not in reference to a specific offering, I think this product is a collection of dry sift sourced from many flower products. 


In comparison to the other JWC dried sift products, colour is lighter on this product. Still, I relate it as ‘more brown’ than the dry sift I make at home. And I notice a similar coagulation with the trichome heads when I look at the macro photographs.


Like I said in my first dry sift review, this product appears to have more moisture content and thusly, more cohesion than my at home dry sift. This product I can load with my fingers. My at home dry sift requires a tool, I (should be too embarrassed to say I) use a plastic Hilroy ruler. A professional would use a stainless steel scoopula.


The aroma is gassy pine with citrus grace notes. And there’s some good flare here, reaches hard on the high side, tingling deep in the sinus.


Frontage on the flavour is somewhat dusty, before proceeding into smooth pine and earth, juxtaposed with a gassy funk. I find it familiar to the rather subtle West Coast Sour Diesel profile. Projection isn’t powerful but is noticeable, has average tenacity in character. Longevity doesn’t surpass average either. Flavour-wise, I’d relate it’s function is closer to a shot you take than it is a drink you’d sip, but there is vapour production for a while after the flavour is gone. 


For the cannabinoid (36.9%) and terpene content (2.91%) you get, I think you can make a case for fair value at $10 per gram. I wouldn’t call it a deal at this price, but I couldn’t regard it as offside, in regards to what you get from dried flower.


JWC Wagner’s Choice GE, apart from the product’s colour, I can’t relate what made this ‘choice’; it’s much like the Dark Helmet I reviewed previously. With that being said, I have positive reflection on the dry sift product type. For someone already using dried cannabis flower, it’s an easy step without having to buy additional hardware. 


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