JWC Shishkaberry

At $9 per gram, JWC’s Shishkaberry GE offers standard flavours in fair magnitude, but the visual compromises make it difficult to validate the price point.

Today we review JWC’s version of Shishkaberry. No source information is given in the listing, instead giving a description of product, that varies greatly from the one I’m about the give. 


Visuals are rough, there’s more bad than good.

Buds are small, so we’re closer to utility than we are to natural beauty. Colouring is interesting in some areas, like looking at a beautiful jig saw puzzle that remains incomplete. 

Trim is close, but sloppy. There’s a bunch of defects to see here. Some trim leaf is left, there’s many areas where the surface is shaved closely, exposing numerous immature seeds.


Arrived dry, after a week, its dust. I’m critical on the Cannapack here. Ships with a good seal, but storage performance without it is poor; consumers are better to ditch it for a mason jar. 


While not outrageous, this profile has enough to be interesting. The top notes are perfumed florals, transitioning seamlessly to deeper floral notes, making the top notes seem flighty. They base is a bit alkaline, rounding out to an offensive tart. Projection won’t turn heads but what’s there demonstrates well enough to exhibit some character; it ain’t gonna be your best friend, but it shows up. 


The flavours smooth out to a pervasive mix of fruity floral with bitter earth. The profile isn’t in high magnitude but it has a good leave, you can still sense it after it has left the palate. Projection nears acceptable, longevity is poor.


At $9 per gram this Shishkaberry is poor value, it’s hard to make an argument for it otherwise. I’d be looking at the value segment of the recreational market to name a comparable product. I’d relate the medical system allows access to better quality cannabis at better prices, this offering isn’t indicative of the trend.


JWC Shishkaberry, in a silo, you could make an argument that it has good olfaction, but at the $9 price point, it’s hard to see a place in the market where it could compete on a qualitative basis.


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