This is my first review of retail dry sift. I’m going to use my usual review protocol, with reduced specificity, providing non-comparative observations mostly.

For reviews of this product type (non-melt dry sift) I have to change the equipment I use. Normally I use a Volcano vaporizer, which doesn’t handle dry sift well. I find the dry sift packs too tight in the Volcano valve, which impedes airflow. So for these reviews, I’m using a Pax 3, which seems to work loaded with pure dry sift.


I’d describe Dark Helmet as a GSC cross with special parents. The parental lineage has Forum GSC paired against another GSC cross, called Jawa Pie, that’s an Alien OG x Alien Dawg cross with a GSC, dubbed Key Lime Pie, which appears to me as a phenotypic variant.


With respect to the overall colouring, I’d call the visuals displeasing. If you’ve had experience with kief or dry sift previously, this will appear more auburn. By the colour, we’re closer to brown sugar than we are to dry sift you’d make at home.

Up close, it looks as if the trichome heads have coagulated together, creating this beige matrix. The matrix is flecked by small white filaments, which look to me like the trichome stalks.

I feel there’s little grounds to reflect the visuals as good; the colour is too dark, and the trichome structure wasn’t observable. However, I struggle to find similar grounds to tell you why that’s bad, my observations could be strictly cosmetic.


One thing I don’t prefer about my at home dry sift is the static force it seems to have. This dry sift seems to have more moisture content, so I can pinch it with my fingers and drop it into the Pax’s chamber.


The aroma is prominent, but seems to lack projection. Said again, it’s olfaction is thick, but doesn’t seem to emit itself across the room. While not an orchestration, the profile has enough to be interesting; demonstrating sweetly gingered earths you might associate with a GSC and some strange pine notes you might interpret as stemming from the Alien OG/Chem background.


I’d describe the flavours as a low tone profile that rides the line between sweet and dank, supported by a flurry of gassy top notes showcasing a piney and citrus influence. The palate picks up the a sweet earthy note first, with linear succession into the funky gasses. Character is perceptible, but not wowing. Projection is appreciable, but not substantial. Longevity is decent.


This dry sift was $19.99 for a 2 gram package, or $9.99 per gram, depending how you want to round it. Being my first dry sift review, I’m comparing this more to the spectrum of dried cannabis I’ve reviewed, and I don’t feel so bad about the price. In fact, I did’t expect to like this product as much as I did.

You can approach this product a few ways, and I’ll try to do them all here:

Like late ’80s Diet Coke, if you’re here just for the taste of it, I’d say this product type is worth a look. I’d report a small benefit in olfactory strength, with respect to the price I paid. JWC’s website lists actual terpene amounts for this listing, it has 3.52% total measured terpenes. 

If you’re looking for something stronger than dried flower, this product might offer you a bit more down that avenue, while maintaining functionality similar to dried cannabis. Beats the rig and torch, takes less cleaning/loading than a vape pen but doesn’t beat the ease of a vape cartridge, I’d say.

Looking strictly at measurable content by price, this product looks better than dried flower on that measure. Lowest price per 100mg I’ve found so far was the discounted LA Confidential I got at Lake City Cannabis ($2.62/100mg THC+CBD). This Dark Helmet beat that by $0.02.


JWC Dark Helmet dry sift, I found enjoyment here, with some places to suggest good value. The colouring, however, sticks in my mind as a negative. Could be a result of the process used to create it, a preservative step, or something else, but it is unusual. Strictly per performance as an inhalant product, I leave with good sentiments for this dry sift product and found the price point reasonable for what I got out of it.


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