Thanks for reading today’s review, it’s just a quick look at one purchase I made, but didn’t put a full review together, so it’s written in retrospect.

And while we’re outside the constraints of a formal review, I’ll do a header on effects, because that was the motivator for this purchase.


This is a CBD dominant concentrate, and I really like the idea of this type of product. Mostly for when I’m feeling burnt out, worried, or overly dramatic. And I want it to be effective; like Narcan in Pulp Fiction, something that zonks ya right back into focus.

I found the effects closer to dried flower; pleasant, but in the background.

I had a tendency to use this product in the morning, when I want to inhale something, but don’t necessarily want the THC. More often, I use it at night, as I layer in more CBD because it helps me sleep (I tell myself).


Formal dried flower reviews I do in a desktop (Volcano) vaporizer. For these dry sift reviews, I find better function in a Pax 3, a smaller unit you can just put in your pocket and it heats up quickly. I find great convenience loading the Pax with dry sift, throwing it in my pocket until I want to turn it on.


I liked this particular product because it had CBD. The strain name carried no weight with me. For this reason it was just ok, no buyers remorse but wasn’t thrilled by it.

I like these products from a sampling perspective. I saw Dark Helmet in dry sift form for the first time. $20 for 2 grams, and I got a taste of it 6 or 7 times. I’d prefer to spend $20 to try a small amount of dry sift, over spending $50 on a small amount of dried flower that I’d use 4-5 times.


When I edit these product photos I’ll do a screen clip and schedule it to post on social media. When these dry sift photos posted, I received some comments on the look of this product. None were complimentary on the colour of this product, which I tend to agree with. I’ll leave you with a photo of my at-home dry sift, for comparison to the two photos I took of the JWC dry sift product.

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