By now, you’ve seen a few versions of Hindu Kush on this website. They vary in taste and in price.

We’ve seen a tasty $4/g Hindu a guy will walk into your front door. And we’ve seen the dusty $15/g Hindu Kush that is shipped in a strange looking container.

Now we see one that falls somewhere in between.

This is Journey’s Hindu Kush.

From doing a few reviews of Wildlife’s product, and observing the variance in quality between them, I’d suggest the Journey brand is similar. They process cannabis sourced from other providers. The crux of this point, I’d tell you, is reliability in quality. Being this is the first review in our journey into Journey, I don’t have much to offer on this point.


I’d say the visuals end up being neutral, you might feel I’m being generous about that. There are some larger buds that show good development and good coverage. Most of what I received are smaller flowers, with a smaller section are popcorn or larfy lowers.


On the good size buds the feel is ideal. When you impress it you get you get a bit of a crackle however I’d still say this demonstrates good moisture content. Because of the black of structure some of the smaller buds will disintegrate with a pinch.


Scent of the flowers are basic earths , classic myrcene , which a few spaces to balance it out. This rendition of Hindu Kush, while it is on point, is not loud or overly representative in one area of the profile, it seems rather calm.


The frontage on the flavors are dry spice notes. Followed by more hollow earth tones. They’re sweet and ambiguous, which causes them to interpret some wet near chocolate , if you ask me. All parts of the profile are in low magnitude, and blended well, there’s no one component that takes the limelight.


Price on a 3.5 gram package of journey Hindu kush was $18.00 with the new patient discount or $5.14 per gram . Because of the muted olfactory profile I’d  hesitantly to call this price a good value, but only that. Depending on what you wanted to get out of this you could find good value with a $5 gram. But if you’re coming here looking for a rich Hindu kush profile I feel like you’re going to be disappointed.


Journey Hindu Kush. Quality wasn’t anything to write home about, diluting the value offered by the $5 price segment. Entirely comparable with other rec products at the same price, and package size; which is not a compliment.

Check out the stat summary. I’ve done several reviews of Hindu Kush previously, only 3 contain all the stats to make it on the summery below; so the competition is weak. 

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