Jedi Kush is a great indica leaning hybrid from the Cali Connection that has a lemon fuel taste and gorgeous purple colours. The name doesn’t really lend itself any favours, but its flavours have kept me growing it year after year.

Two identical clones were grown using deep water hydroponics. They flowered for 63 days in about 12.5 square feet and yielded 65.3 grams and 98.7 grams (164 total). Fertilizer, power and water costs were about $160 for the space. Yield is worth about $1600 at $10/gram.

Jedi Kush in the front and left foreground. Two weeks into flower (above) and four weeks into flower (below).

The father for this cross is Cali Connection’s SFV OG Kush. The mother is Death Star, which is a Sour Diesel, Sensi Star cross. Cali Connection notes it grows similar to a Sour Diesel. It will make high THC and higher CBD phenotypes. Interestingly, Jedi Kush has placed 3rd in a 2013 CBD cup.

During growth, Jedi Kush smells like rich earths and slight fuels. I’ve usually grown it late summer, early fall, where the temperatures can reach 8C at night, so the bud and leaves turn wonderful dark purple colours. I find it quite reliable, responds to training. I top it every time, never seen a hermaphrodite.

These plants yielded about 13 grams per square foot, which is not a lot, some growers do 10-20 times this amount in the same area. I grew a variety of cultivars both in soil and using hydroponics in three different tents this year, 13 grams per square foot was my average in all three. In further grows, I’ll try to ramp it up with better lights and maybe some store bought fertilizer.

This grow was interesting. I grew 2 Jedi Kush clones, one grew fine and one suffered a bacterial infection on the roots known as root rot. You can see the affected plant on the bottom left of the group pictures., it was stunted in vegetative growth. I lowered the temps and it recovered but in flower the buds grew differently on each identical Jedi Kush clone. The affected plant only grew 65 grams, about 30 less than the other, but the buds were nicer. The nice one formed tight round nuggets coloured electric lime green on violet, the flower from the other is loose and airy in deep indigo.

One clone was unaffected by root rot (above), the other produced 30 grams less but with better flower (below).

The scent of Jedi Kush dried flower is earth forward with a lemon backer. It has earths similar to a Master Kush, perhaps a poor comparison because the lemon side stretches a bit into the fuels, which monopolizes the profile, very much unlike a Master Kush.

Jedi Kush flavours are grimy lemon kerosine above a vibrant metallic midrange with less prominent earths as secondary notes. The midrange of the profile has depth, it hints at spicy earth notes like the name implies, but also includes some familiar skunk character from the Sensi Star. All seem mute compared to the lemon and fuel top side that seem to characterize the profile.

The Jedi Kush is one of my favourite plants, it grows easy and the gristly lemon profile sets it apart from other OG and Sour Kush types. I also love it for the potential of CBD, but I’d want to pheno-hunt over several plants to find one that produces a high level of CBD. I’ve kept this particular plant over 3 years now, taking cuttings during vegetative growth for the next generation, I always look forward to flowering it and I miss its lemon laden mystique when I run out.

On my next grow journal, I’ll talk about a loser phenotype for one of my personal crosses, it has some nice scents but with a loose bud structure littered with unnecessary leaf.

The flower from the Jedi Kush clone that did not get root rot (top) and from the one that did (bottom).

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