Hey everyone, doing a home grown review today.

I didn’t pay for this one, it was gifted to me. So, we’re over at someone else’s house for dinner, our approach is appreciative, not critical.

This was sent into me by @JamaicanRios. We previously saw his version of Jordan of the Island’s Blackberry Hammer and Lemon Skunk.

We’re looking at JR’s grow of Cali Connection’s Jedi Kush, a cross of their popular SFV OG and a regionally popular cross known as Death Star (Sour Diesel x Sensi Star).

The neat part of this review is this flower was grown from a clone I sent to Jamaican Rios. We both grew the exact same genetics and, because our methods and environments differ, our end product looks and tastes very different. We’ll look at pictures of both.

First let’s describe JR’s version. The buds are slender, but rotund and large in overall size. The circumference of the bud is variable and its contour meanders quite a bit, making it look bulbous at the widest parts.

The stigmas are prominent, nearly occluding the calyxes. I’ve never seen this Jedi as a red-head, but she wears it well.

The scent of the flowers are familiar to me, electric citrus with some greasy edges leaning into the skunks. I perceive the metallic twang a bit louder on JR’s version and perhaps, with a bit less from the earth tones.

Flavours punch further into the metallic tones, which seem to touch back on the citrus. A low vibration fuel tone bisects the midrange of the profile, presenting a high balanced base. I feel JR’s version is a bit more pushy, and has a touch more edge. Mine is a laid back Jedi, this is in active stance; it’s ready to go.

Let’s note, Jamaican Rios grows indoors, in soil under varied spectrum light. I grew this one using deep water culture hydroponics, under limited spectrum light.

The last time I grew this Jedi Kush it was summer. I grew two plants, one was affected by root rot, one was not. Because of the disease, they both grew different, despite being identical genetically.

Shown below, is the bud from the plant affected by root rot, its morphology is a bit loose but has some nice colouring.

The other made tighter flowers, with less colouring. Notice the lack of stigmas sticking proud of the fascia, quite different than the JR version.

Again, all three buds shown here were grown from identical clones.

Reviewing this bud was a bit like being driven around in your own car. Much of what I experienced in taste was familiar, with small, but noticeable differences. It was kind of a cool experience to be honest.

Check out this map for a list of everything that’s ever been sent to me. It will update as I add more to the list.

Thanks again to Jamaican Rios for making this long range one happen! Stay tuned for more of his gear, as well as others from around the country.

See you for the next one.

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