Scant, seedy, yet comparatively inexpensive, Aphria’s offering of Jean Guy through their Good Supply brand fails to distinguish itself from the Jean Guy offered through their Riff brand.

Today we look at Aphria’s Jean Guy, for the second time. We saw it back in December 2018 where it was called Sweet Jersey 3 by Riff. Now Aphria has it listed again under a new name, Jean Guy by Good Supply. Both are still available and appear similar quality, but let’s get into it to find out.

Is this the real Jean Guy? That’s what I’m wondering. You can check this Vice article for Jean Guy’s origin story. If you choose not to read the article, know that Jean Guy originates from Montreal, is a phenotype of White Widow and is entirely Canadian.

My understanding is the true Jean Guy lineage is kept by House of the Great Gardener and specific license holders. I was curious where Aphria’s version comes from, so I asked them. Aphria told me the genetic source of their Jean Guy is proprietary information and they could not report where their cultivar comes from. Which is fine, there could be many reasons why this answer was given, but it leaves me hanging as a consumer.

Visually this Jean Guy is barely a rung above budget cannabis, it looks scant and small. Nothing larger than 1-2 cm in diameter. Buds are airy and jagged with stem. Trim is poor, but also surprisingly good for something I probably wouldn’t have even bothered trimming.

Grinds are filled with small seeds. These are readily observable to the naked eye because of the darker colouring.

Scent of these Jean Guy flowers are somewhat unassuming, there’s not much projection to speak of and the composition is rather faint. There’s presence, but not much.

Flavours rip with velocity into sinuous citrus. The profile is somewhat oily, acidic and poignant with some backend stringency — think Lemon Pledge reduction. There’s respectable depth here, it’s chewy and leaves a lemon note in the sinus. I expected far, far worse. I don’t mean this as a compliment but, I’m actually impressed something that looks this bad can taste so good.

Good or bad, price is the best part, this was $8.57 per gram (for a 3.5g package), which is low for Alberta but just average for Quebec or British Columbia. Still, this is priced amongst the lowest from the place I purchased from (3rd lowest price per gram, Alberta Cannabis online store). For the Alberta Online store, $8.57 is fairly low (25% less than the $11.40 per gram average for the store, 3.5 gram purchases).

Aphria Jean Guy Dried Cannabis Flower

So we have Riff Sweet Jersey 3 and Good Supply Jean Guy. Both proprietary ‘Jean Guy’ and both produced by Aphria. We reviewed the Riff product previously at $10.33 per single gram in December, now in April, that same single gram of Sweet Jersey 3 is $11.62. A single gram of Good Supply Jean Guy slots in at $9.25. I’d tell you they are essentially the same poor quality, one just costs 25% more.

For Aphria’s Jean Guy, the appealing olfaction and comparatively low price doesn’t do much to make up for the seeds, poor visual quality and layers of rebranding. We never got to know the genetics, which detracts from an already poor experience. I hesitate to call it a good deal at any price, but that’s really up to you to decide.

Grow your own Jean Guy. I believe the true Jean Guy is available in seed form from House of the Great Gardener. I’ve yet to grow one myself, but that’s where I would start. Flowering time on the Great Gardener’s Jean Guy is 10+ weeks, no yield is given but the breeder notes the plant likes to make heavy colas with good lateral branching. The notes continue to say it’s capable both indoors and out, no finishing time for outdoor is given. Sometimes it’s fun to grow something unknown, see how it unfolds. I just wouldn’t make it my main thing, in case it all goes down in flames, before it’s supposed to.

Aphria Jean Guy Dried Cannabis Flower
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