Aphria disappoints double with their second seed infused offering of Jack Herer, or Solei Gather.

I usually don’t review the same cannabis twice. For instances where one producer sells the same cultivar under two different brands and two different names, I’ll buy it to see how different the two products are. This is one of those instances.

Today we review Aphria’s Jack Herer, this time we’re also calling it Gather by Solei. We reviewed this previously, but it was called Sunday Special by Riff.

You can go back to read my review of Aprhia’s Jack Herer sold under the Riff brand, it had decent visuals but not enough to save it from its critical failures. We check the Solei branded Jack Herer now, but I’ll say right off the bat, both Jack Herers appear very similar in flower structure, at the macro level and the seeds contained.

Structure on this Jack Herer is pretty robust. The flowers probably looked great while growing. I received one small sized buds and several other minuscule crumbs. There is one prominent stem of negligible concern.

Moisture content is good. Consistency is adequate, grinds to a functional mix. I would have called this acceptable quality.

The first Jack Herer I reviewed from Aphria contained seeds. This Jack Herer does too, not surprisingly. This flower has a closer trim on some faces, which has exposed some seeds and makes them really easy to see. Once displaced within ground flower, the seeds are really easy to miss, about double the diameter of a grain of sand. The seeds are numerous, one could spend all day picking them out.

Scent of the ground flower is standard, doesn’t have a long reach but is present with detectable character. Not anything to write home about, we’re knee deep in seedy mediocrity here.

Flavours on this particular Jack Herer are like the last one, woodsy citrus, with some sweet tones on the secondary elements of profile. There is flavour, but this isn’t flavour country, it doesn’t even speak the same language as flavour country. Reeks of reduction. If a truly well done Jack Herer is like sailing the ocean blue, Aprhia’s version is like viewing a ship in a bottle.

This Gather is the cheaper version of Aphria’s Jack Herer. The single gram we review here is $9.55 on the ALGC website, you’ll pay $10.33 for the same thing sold under the Riff brand. To me, there was no detectable difference between the two. While the price is actually decent for current conditions, I don’t recommend cannabis with seeds.

According to the data from provincial web stores, availability for this product ranges throughout the country. I can find it available in 6 provinces for around the same price I paid.

At a quick glance, alternatives for Jack Herer are pretty slim. We’ve reviewed Starseed’s version in both the dried flower and pre-roll product, both were worse quality than Aphria’s versions. Tilray also sells Jack Herer, which may be worth a stop, I’ve yet to review their recreational product.

Aphria uses three brands to sell their cannabis; Riff, Solei and Good Supply. They are a great example of why consumers should ask about the producer of the cannabis, not the brand. Getting to the traditional cultivar (or strain) name will help with the purchase decision and perhaps prevent a duplicate purchase. All 8 of my reviews of Aphria products were sold under their Riff and Solei brands, only 1 was recommendable. Half of the products I purchased from Aphria included seeds. Across product categories and brands, their products have been reliably compromised.

This website reviews cannabis for consumers, so I’m not unhappy I purchased poor quality flower from the same cultivar sold under two brands. But let’s pretend I am a consumer looking for a Jack Herer, because I heard so much good about it. I buy the Riff, it has seeds hanging out the sides of the bud. Okay, fool me once, shame on me. But my quest for Jack Herer is not over. I buy the next available one, Solei Gather, same bud, same seeds. Fool me twice, shame on you. And if I start looking at Good Supply, this gets dangerously close to a David Cross comedy routine.

Think about car companies, specifically Honda, Nissan and Toyota. All established brands with established reputations. All have tiered branding according to product quality, calling their upscale products Acura, Infiniti and Lexus, respective.

Here’s the point, a person can sit in a Lexus and realize its benefit over a Toyota. I can’t say the same for Aphria’s Solei or Riff product. Both were poor quality, both were expensive, just one was more expensive than the other. As a consumer, it’s exciting when a reputable company releases a luxury brand, but when there is no observable difference in product quality, using multiple brands feels like more of a shell game.

After 8 Aphria reviews, it’s hard to feel good about them. Most of their product has been compromised by seeds and/or was pretty poor quality. They offer comparatively low prices, but at best, unreliable product quality, which, I’d argue, nullifies the value they offer.

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