Now two for two, this Jack Herer establishes my perfect record for purchasing seeded flower produced by Starseed. The producer compels consumers to believe seeds are not a product defect, which makes Starseed the first producer to employ the Cracker Jack gift prize model of including a low value gift inside the product you actually paid for.

I’m nearing my 50th review since September 2018, about 10% of my purchases have contained some evidence of seed growth or 5/50. So, it’s not that common to receive seeds in cannabis flower. Seeded cannabis flower is absolutely a product defect. Pollination causes a cascade of biochemical shifts, pivoting the plant’s main priority from protecting itself so it can be pollinated, to a sprint race into creating seed for the next generation. Energy wise, it’s a costly process that likely subverts trichome production and surely produces additional growth you don’t want in your flower, especially if you plan to smoke it. Clearly, Starseed has no issue with selling seeded cannabis, which is an interesting, yet bold stance to take.

We’re (kinda) reviewing Jack Herer today, a cannabis staple named after an activist and author, who’s contributions to cannabis I likely cannot do justice to in a single paragraph. The cultivar bearing his name is widely popular, loved both by growers and consumers. I count over 19 breeders that have Jack Herer within their breeding house, so this particular cultivar could have came from anywhere. Sadly, the product is so lacklustre, I doubt any breeder would want to take credit for it.

These Jack Herer buds have seeds, not many, but enough. Not sure why I’m even going into this, but consistency is really dry, grinds to a slurry of dust and shell shards. Otherwise, the structure of the bud looks ok, but not great…. Visual appeal is insane, pregnant ladies tend to glow.

This Jack Herer doesn’t yield much flavour to describe. Some flat woods, somewhat blended citrus, somewhat wet. Not sure it its actual or just my imagination. There’s no longevity to speak of. Like a cloud of smoke, it doesn’t really fill any specific flavour space and dissipates quickly.

This Starseed Jack Herer was $11.50 per single gram on the Alberta Cannabis store, you’d be better to light your money on fire, at least the outcome would be certain. Starseed’s medical patients can buy any cultivar from their product line for $60 per 5 grams ($12/g), which is just five times the chance at a seedy Cracker Jack prize.

As of October 17 2018, a Canadian medical patient can email their producer and instruct them to send their medical document to another producer. You do not have to go into your clinic.

My passion is finding fine cannabis flower but this journey will also uncover junk-status bud like this Starseed Jack Herer, which I’m happy to do. Always do your own research. Your experience may differ, much like the prizes in a Cracker Jack box do. Their name is Starseed, they have seed in their name. I suppose I should have seen this coming. I’ll be back to see if they can keep the streak running, but if they do, they might do better to change their name to Seedstar.

This review was fun, thanks for reading.

If you don’t already, follow Mark Spear on Twitter, you can learn a lot about cannabis and I don’t know of a better resource for outdoor growing. Mark replied to Starseed right away, whereas I just ignored them and immediately began writing this review. Not the first time I’ve seen Mark take the high road, which is why I’m constantly looking up to him.

As I am already traveling the low road, next, we’ll trudge across the seed infused bedrock of low quality cannabis in another Organigram review, hope you stop by.

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