Oud, or Agarwood, is an expensive inclusion in some perfumes, its aroma is dark wood with deep resin. Somewhat brutish, in a perfume I find it best paired with a rich floral tone, like a rose, which can take the edge out of it. It also pairs well with herbaceous notes, like tobacco, which I’d say exacerbates the brute. So I prefer the floral pairing and, getting to the point, I’d relate that you can find a facet of the character here in this flower.

The grow described below was partly indoor and outdoor, in soil. I kept this plant and am growing it indoors, DWC hydro. I show pictures of both.



You can read it in the review below, I was really taken by the perfumed wood/floral combination demonstrated by the plant I grew summer 2019. Cloned the plant, put it in DWC hydro, seeded it against a male. The seeded plant’s flavour profile feels re-arranged, drastically so. On this version, deep berry, thickened by woodsy spice and resinous tobacco dominate the other notes in the composition. The flavour leaves the palate with a note of tart berry, carrying the essence of the sweet woods along with it. Compared to the past grow, olfactory character is more grandiose, occupies a similar place as the last grow but manages to be very different. I grew a backup for this plant in a cooler environment, it turned a deeper purple and I anticipate its taste to differ as well. 



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