Today we look at a Crop King cultivar not yet available legally, this is Ice Wreck.

Ice Wreck has a claim to fame as a high testing THC dominant cultivar. I’d relate to you that there’s a potential for interesting tastes as well, this is a cross of Trainwreck with Ice, a cultivar created by Nirvana Seeds. Ice is the result of a large selection trial between a Skunk, Shiva Skunk, an Afghani and ┬áNorthern Lights. Synonymous copies are sold by other breeder too

Looking back on the review, perhaps I was a bit generous. Value appears to be the best thing going for it. I can’t say the quality was memorable, or overly drawing. But I don’t want to depreciate it too much, the quality was enough to see the character, which was decent; but you wouldn’t write home about it.

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