Hey pancakenap here. I grew a couple of Supertron plants by Humboldt Seed Organization.

In this post I have a few photos and what it was like to grow.

This was freebie seed from Neptune Seedbank, so thanks to them for providing great freebies.


The listing at Neptune suggests this cultivar has the lineage: Stinky Dog x (Strawberry Suprise x Zkittles).

Supertron Grow Method

This plant grew in a NFT system (and the plants) as described in this post.


I grew two Supertron plants, both from feminized seed. The largest plant grew about 36 inches high, while the smallest was about two feet. Both plants were not topped and grew a large apical bud with many large side branches.

Flowering length was about 70 days. Smelled like strawberries and a bouquet of flowers while flowering. Growth was really easy; they were probably my best plants this run.


Dry yield was about 140 grams between the two plants. The largest yielded about 101 grams, and the smaller plant made up the rest (39 grams).

Up Next

This flower is mostly dried and cured at the time of writing this post so I’ll be back with a review on it soon.

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