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Getting down to do another Hot Carld today. Popular one; this is Humboldt Seed Organization’s (HSO) Blue Dream.

HSO Blue Dream
HSO Blue Dream

Structurally the buds are long and thin, with a lot of fox tailing, long in shape, slender, almost finger-like.


Despite the slender structure, the buds are quite malleable I can pull the separate fingers apart from each other only to have them snap back into place.


The scent of the unground flowers showcases bright pepper on the frontage, with some fairly stern earth following. The coupling appears quite alkaline or bitter, instead of sweet and soft like some Blue Dream earth tones can be.


Frontage on the flavors is perfumed florals, more herbaceous than sweet, they hit the pallet with some weight. Finishes with a soapy remainder, feeling powdery, like lavender. The sweet berries appear in the dry down, with use the composition interprets a bit softer near to fresh laundry.

HSO Blue Dream

We have more than a handful of HSO Blue Dreams on this website. This HSO Blue Dreamversion has been sent in from a couple of different growers. I feel like the basic elements of the flavour profile are recognizable while leaving room for subtle nuances in between. The Squid Pants HSO Blue Dream and this Hot Carld HSO Blue Dream were similar in a few key areas, but they each occupy different space in the details.

I’m happy to think that about Blue Dream; very common, likely recognizable. In 2019, I participated in a series of blind reviews and I found these preconceptions on Blue Dream betraying. For each review, I tried to guess the strain name or cultivar. And I found myself guessing Blue Dream often, mistakenly. In fact, I guess Blue Dream for 3/~30 reviews; and it wasn’t entered into the contest. The submissions I identified as Blue Dream tended to have fruity profiles, but were not at all similar otherwise (Cali-O, Lemon Mango, and Photon Torpedo).

Someone writing cannabis reviews or making notes on taste should be able to pick out Blue Dream in a blind situation, I don’t think that’s a stretch. But at what level of consistency? And what sample size? There it becomes more difficult. But it does make me feel the goal line for a flavour profile lies somewhere in the spectrum of being unique, and reliably identifiable within a larger sample size.

And that brings me to my final point; maybe Sensi Star is the apex competitor in the market. In the series of blind reviews noted above it was the only one I was able to recognize. I had the feeling it was Sensi Star when I first looked at it, and I was convinced when I tasted it.

Anyways, big thanks to Hot Carld who provided the cannabis that lead to this review, and then to this segue into Blue Dream.

See you next time for another one. Thanks for reading!

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