Hey pancakenap here, doing HovaCRAFT’s Purple OG.

Legacy brand and vendor on this review.


This is a local clone, with the parents listed as Legendary OG Kush and Purple Kush.


Stellar looks. Buds have a green tinge at the edges of the trim leaf but the rest of the bud is deep purple, accented by auburn stigma. Trichome coverage appears thick against the dark background, and is a milky transparency.


Feel is soft and sumptuous, with quick return.


Scent smells like sweet nutty earths; like hazelnut. Grinding relates some fuel mixed with wet pine.


Sweet earthy gas. The balance of the profile remains earth. Pronunciation is adequate enough.  The profile lacks a complexity of flavours that may lend itself to be more ‘loud’, it’s tame but not boring.


Price was $35.35 for a 3.5g package, or $10.10 per gram. With the 30% off coupon code this legacy offering still came out to be a higher price than the average of all my 3.5g purchases. Full retail price is about $45 or $13 per gram. 


I like Purple Kush, I like OG Kush. This Purple OG isn’t the synergistic culmination of the best features of both parents. Instead, you get a mix of familiar tones from the parents, which might not be their best features. Not sure if that floats your boat; didn’t really float mine. Looks bad-ass though. 


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