Thanks for joining me for the review today.

I got to review this one late last year. I got to work with Kate Robertson, who was editor of the Growth Op, writing a few cannabis reviews for their platform.

I loved it.

Loved working for Kate, and loved the arrangement. She’d research the offerings most searched for on Google, and then tell me what to review. And I’d go off into the market like a SCUD missile, and review the targeted cannabis.

I got to write the reviews exactly the same as I write them here, and I’d send Kate a brief about the review, similar to the preamble you read in some of the reviews. She’d return the writing, buffed up and clarified, with some positive twists that I wouldn’t normally think about.

This Houseplant Hybrid was one of the items I reviewed for Kate, thus my trip down memory lane, propelled by my clinging to 2019 memories in the late innings of 2020.

Anyways, I had a decent experience with this offering previously, so when I saw it on sale at the Alberta Online store I grabbed it. Much of what was in the container were small, airy buds which filled the space up to the seal. I thought it might be a collection of smalls, that were packed inside while the cannabis was fresher, and could be moulded easier. But when I went to remove the contents, 249 days after packing, the dried tangle was less than ascetically pleasing.

Despite the poor first impression this wasn’t entirely lacking in olfactory content, not sparse, but noticeably thinned out. What was left were notes of pine and something you’d use to clean grout. Two notes I’d be happy to accept, in proper balance and with secondary notes, which is where this profile lacked the most.

Hope you enjoy the review, thanks for reading it.

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