Holy Grail Kush by JWC

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JWC’s production of DNA Genetics’ Holy Grail Kush offers an attractive value proposition with a qualitatively superior product, priced at a reasonable level.

Diving right in to the Holy Grail Kush today everyone. This is a DNA Genetics cultivar produced by JWC. We’ll be centering on two topics for this review, the cultivar’s lineage and price-quality value proposition.

In a general sense, Holy Grail Kush is an OG Kush. Now, many people may have just taken offence to that line because Holy Grail Kush is not your regular, run-of-the-mill OG. The parental generation is stacked, it’s The OG#18 with a Kosher Kush, and we can talk about each individually.

DNA’s OG#18 is said to be a high yielding OG with flaring chemical tastes. I believe this cultivar achieved notoriety during the transitional period when popular ‘OG Kush’ nomenclature begun to specify the phenotype or breeder. By my projection, OG#18 was introduced during the earlier crescendo of OG Kush popularity and as such, was widely appreciated. Starting in 2009, the cup wins for this cultivar are too many to mention.

Kosher Kush is another offering within the DNA scope. The lore here says DNA purchased this cultivar from a group of Jewish youths active in the LA area and renamed it to Kosher Kush. Although the lineage of Kosher Kush is unknown, the plant has notable characteristics, both in the way it grows (stretches) and in the way it tastes. To call it popular would be a gross understatement.

Holy Grail Kush is the progeny of two powerhouse cultivars, heavy on the OG characteristics but with some influence from the Kosher that shifts olfaction into a new category. And, we get to see it through JWC’s production, which is beyond stellar, in my experience. Before we wade through the details, take a moment and breathe it in people, this is where the good times are.

Visuals on these Holy Grail Kush buds are excellent, there is not one single complaint I can make here. Buds are full and robust in structure. Good colouring but nothing fancy. The trim is meticulous and not too close. Seems trimmed according to the natural contour of the bud, leaving jagged apexes and rotund undersides. Visuals are up there with the best, the care taken is observable.

Like most cannabis produced by a Canadian license holder, this bud is dry. I took the RH for a week or so, hovered around 30-33%. I think you get a humidipak with this but I feel it’s a trivial application if you’re vaporizing. On that note, I smoked this a few times with a thin Raw paper. I found it burned black towards the outside but left a cleaner ash internally. Perhaps if I used the humidity pack to bump up the water content, I would have found better combustion, maybe.

Despite the dryness, I cannot crush this bud with pressure, internal density is too great. We’ll discuss shortly, this bud is obnoxiously loud, it reeks through its packaging. So, I observe the tactile dryness, yet, I do not observe the dulled olfaction and the brittle structure regularly seen elsewhere.

I think this is important to note, perhaps there is a mandated operational procedure that causes cannabis quality to suffer. I’d tell you there are a few producers that can deliver fantastic quality inside the operational procedures, JWC is one of them.

Here are the grinds, I view them as comparatively good, you are welcome to form your own opinion.

Like I said above, this bud stinks. You probably can’t take it anywhere, everyone within a 50 foot radius will be aware of it.

Scent of these flowers is an ethereal experience. High strung fuels overshadow the entire profile like fuel vapour over water, staggeringly thick with dangerous feel. Hints of citrus greens bridge the gap between the fuels and kush-type earths. However, this is not a friendly kush. There is no solace from the profile’s earths, they are deceptively shallow. Much of this character flies far above anything comforting, with haunting intensity, more unholy than holy.

Heat brings the Kosher influence out in the Holy Grail flavours. Kosher Kush drips with flavour in the low regions of citrus notes that, I find, rides the line of being offensive and enjoyable. And we see a veiled version of the Kosher citrus notes in the Holy Grail profile.

Flavours of the Holy Grail Kush maintain the catastrophic fuels from the scents noted above, and bleed sinuous citrus into the cracks of the profile, congealing with acrid sours. Dark, gritty and garish in character; the profile interprets monstrous, with rancid claws and box-cutter teeth.

I purchased this cannabis through JWC’s medical store, it was priced at $11 per gram for a 5 gram package and they go as low as $8.67 per gram on bulk discounts. I don’t even need to look at the averages, for the quality you get, the price you pay is comparatively low. For the consumer, the value proposition is one of the best around.

This Holy Grail Kush is well executed. Nifty genetics, beats loud like a dance club subwoofer, JWC’s production is fantastic and the price is comparatively attractive. No layers of rebranding, I can trace this offering to the free market, and even go back to an ’09 High Times magazine to read about it.

As a brand, DNA Genetics has widespread availability in Canada, likely for two reasons; they have a collaboration with Tweed’s DNA Certified line and their popular cultivars have been available via retail for a long time and therefore,, are carried by many Canadian producers. Consumers looking to explore within this particular lineage could stop at Kosher Kush, which is available from both Whistler and Tweed, but you’ll have to let me know how they are, I’ve yet to try either.

As far as I know, JWC is the only producer of DNA’s Holy Grail Kush, and The OG#18 is not available from a legal producer, which leads me to the next topic.

Grow your own. Holy Grail Kush is well within the realm of possibility for Canadians, outdoor and indoor. DNA Genetics is widely available at seedbanks worldwide and in Canada, I often see the Holy Grail Kush given as a freebie, usually feminized. This cultivar is said to flower in 9 weeks and yields up to 650 grams in a square meter, yield over time, that’s an attractive ratio.

Growers of the Holy Grail Kush may be wise to research the tendency of the Kosher Kush to stretch during flowering. The Kosher hybrids I’ve grown (DJ’s Gold and 24K Gold, most notably) formed heavy buds on lanky branches and it became necessary to use a trellis or other forms of support in the final weeks. I wouldn’t call it something you can set and forget, but, based on what we saw here, I’d say it’s worth the bit of extra trouble.

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