Hindu Kush

This Hindu Kush surpasses the quality we’ve seen from similar cultivars, is delivered at a value level price point but lacks lab testing.

This Hindu Kush is a gift sample of peer to peer cannabis. Just like the Annihilator, we know the price points. We’re going to start at price for this one because I think it is the most interesting part.

This Hindu Kush is $1400 per pound, that’s $3.08 per gram. Per ounce, it’s $140, or $5 per gram. We can estimate the single price per gram by adding 20% to the ounce price per gram, reaching an estimated $6 per gram on this Hindu Kush.

Visual quality for this Hindu Kush is quite good. Appears Indica taxonomy. The buds are plump, round and full. The trim is inconsequentially looser. Looks good at the macro level, nothing suspicious.

Hindu Kush is a cannabis staple, both in flavour and in name. It’s a landrace cultivar, or close to it. This particular version features rugged earths at the helm of the olfactory profile. Some Hindu varieties can taste softly sweet and spiced, this one has more grunt in the low end, with few spices perceived beyond the prominence of the deep earth notes.

Let’s talk comparatively by mentioning Tweed’s Highland and THC Biomed’s Landrace Indica, we reviewed both of these at $12.49 and $6.00 per gram, respectively. Both have similar profiles with some variance in the amount of sweets and spices. Tweed’s Highland was severely lacking in overall quality, THC Biomed’s Landrace was a bit lacklustre compared to the quality of this flower.

This Hindu Kush offers way better value than Tweed’s Highlands, the quality is better and the price differs by 100% of the minimum. You could buy an ounce of the Hindu Kush and have it tested yourself for less price than the Highlands, with money left over to buy your Mom dinner.

THC Biomed’s Landrace Indica is $6 per gram, lab tested, but a respectable step down in quality from this Hindu Kush. All things considered, under bulk level, I’d argue both are priced similarly and would compete in the same price segment– if one of them wasn’t black market cannabis. I still think it makes the argument, there are price points where the legal market competes with the black market, especially for purchases under 28 grams.

Legal retail cannabis can’t compete in many market sections, for example high quality flower, quantities above 28g, niche cannabis cultivars and certain extracts. We’re talking about legal and illicit competition but across all the examples I mentioned above, neither can compete with personal home grown cannabis. We said before, this Hindu Kush is priced at $3.08 per gram by the pound, but a person could produce that same amount for less than a dollar a gram in 3-4 months inside 10-20 square feet.

Compared to lab tested retail cannabis, this Hindu Kush can offer up to a 50% discount. Compared to personal homegrown, it’s more than six times more. Pricing of retail cannabis and cost of home grown is much like the relationship between eating out at a restaurant and cooking your own food. Most people choose to cook the majority of their meals and eat out infrequently, both for economical and health reasons.

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