We’re going to look at a Hindu Kush today.

We’ve already looked at a Hindu Kush, I purchased it peer to peer, from a ‘guy’, who hand delivered it to me, for $4 per gram. I’ve trusted them for nearly two decades, but the offering came without testing.

Now, we review a Hindu Kush offering by Tweed. They sell it under their Tweed brand, and call it Bakerstreet. which is also the name of the street in London, where Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes solved mysteries, aided by intravenous cocaine use.

Hindu Kush is a landrace and cannabis staple. You likely already know it, and if you don’t, you better get to know. But you won’t find that any of that here. We’ll see below that largely, this offering lacks the look and flavour profile of a typical Hindu Kush.

So with that, we review Bakerstreet, by Tweed.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate you using my work. See you on the next one.

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