High School SweetHeart

Doing High School Sweetheart today, this is from one of my favourite breeders, Gage Green Group, or Gage Green Genetics sometimes. You could say triple G, G cubed, or, as I like to call them; Real Gage.


This is Cherry Pie Kush with Grateful Breath. From what I read, the parents of Cherry Pie Kush are disputed, some call it a Durban x Chemdawg, others have it listed as a Cherry Pie x  SFV OG. The Gratetful Breath is Gage Green’s creation, a cross of their Joseph OG with the Cherry Pie Kush outlined above.

Buyer Motivation

Awareness of the breeder, guilt


Great visuals. Prominent trichomes, good blend of colouring. Trim accentuates the shape, but doesn’t cut into it.


Firm, but impresses well


Frontage on the scents are sweet gas and pine. Hashy earths present on the bottom end. First impression falls into OG character, with more delicate secondary notes.


The flavour profile is cool pine, somewhat gritty with gas, before it proceeds downward into earth tones adorned with chocolate hash. Character has the creamy ‘sorbet’ type notes on the top, coupled to a deeper kush tone at the rear. With use in the vaporizer, the two notes come together to form a sweet chocolate note; by strict definition, it’s scrumptious.

Value Statement

Price on this single gram was $9.99; mid-range for my personal pain threshold, probably closer to lower than average at the time of writing.


Leaves a great impression.

Consumer Benefits

Great tastes, great looks, pretty good price.

Consumer Pains

Return purchases


Multiple channels to this product; breeder, price is not so bad, bag appeal


Vendor type

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