We’re looking at Sannie’s Killing Fields today. 

This is produced by Broken Coast, a medical provider, who renamed it to Healing Fields. Were they taxidermists, or humorous funeral service providers, they might have maintained the original name, but they chose to rename it something more in line with their mandate.

This cross was done at Sannie’s, it’s a cross of Sannie’s Jack (Herer), and The One, which is a compilation of New York Sour Diesel, Killa Queen and a nondescript Blueberry sativa, also done by Sannie’s.

I’d present this review to you as a mix of good and bad observations. 

The seeds are prominent; top 5 for the worst I’ve seen during the scope of these reviews. That’s my spin on it, but you can observe them for yourself in the photos, they’re easy to spot.

Performance is bad. This isn’t a comment towards your personal experience, more on the market measures. For the data I receive during the course of these reviews, this flower makes less measurable content and costs more money, which is a round-about way of saying, performance is bad.

These genes are nifty, I think. Broken Coast has done Sannie’s before (The One), I liked it. I saw a few entries bred by Sannie’s during the Hempfest 2019 contest, I liked them. Sannie’s Killing Fields is a longer flowering sativa, I’m likely not going to spend time growing it myself, so I see a benefit to seeing it via retail. Related to the breeder and selection, I see extra value here; but you may not.

By my eye, there’s a ton of variance on how someone could view this on a qualitative basis.

There’s seeds hanging out the sides of the flowers; I still called the visuals excellent. I’d speculate the producer reduced the price for this lot, I still call it underperforming and overpriced. While I thought it offered enjoyable olfaction for the price, I can really only say that because I use a vaporizer.

For someone trying to smoke this, the seeds are going to be a deal breaker, or at least, a major compromise. And numbers aren’t everything, but they are attractive before the purchase and reinforcing afterwards, Healing Fields doesn’t benefit from the numbers in this way. For someone not as impressed by Sannie’s flowers as I will have different sentiments on the offering.

So while I had an ok time here, when I sum it all up and picture how it fits into the competitive market, I’m not sure if this competes with overpriced Sensi Star. It’s an offering with elite potential that suffers greatly via few detractions. I thought it was cool to see, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend based on some of the observations I made during the course of the review. 

Check it out below, thanks for reading today’s review.

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