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You can’t investigate the Canadian cannabis market while ignoring the largest part of it. Although I don’t have a specific direction with these reviews, I don’t see the point in ‘exploring’ if I am going to restrict my scope.

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Doing some trendier cannabis today, in my opinion. This one is called Headbanger.

Many licence holders in Canada carry something called a Sour Kush, a cross of ‘OG Kush’ and ‘Sour Diesel’, I’ve reviewed various productions several times already. Perhaps popular long ago, the draw of Sour Kush in traditional markets has given way to embrace specific cuts of OG Kush or Sour Diesel. And today, we’ll look at one.

This is Headbanger by Karma Genetics, it’s a cross of Karma’s Biker Kush (the OG Kush) and his inbred cut of Sour Diesel. Here’s a link to the 2013 introductory post on International Cannagraphic.

The interesting counterpart of this cross is the Biker Kush, also bred by Karma. In one sentence, Biker Kush is an inbred OG, that includes Blackberry and SFVOG influence earlier on in the lineage. I’ll link Seedfinder’s family tree, the full lineage is complex, I left out half of it to keep this short.

Strictly looking one generation back, Biker Kush is a cross of Hell’s (Angels) OG and Lucifer OG, but this is actually a back cross. Lucifer OG is a product of crossing Hell’s OG and SFV OG Kush, and the Biker Kush is the product of the back cross step, the Lucifer OG back to the parental Hell’s OG.

Now back to the Headbanger, comprised of a specialized (and stabilized) cut of OG Kush (called Biker Kush), with Karma’s Sour Diesel. Some Sour Kush, OG Kush crosses are called Headband, note the similarity here with Headbanger.

Packaging is a thick plastic container with a printed label on it. The label has three sections, one for the cultivar’s name, the vendor and one for a short series of information about the contents.

This cannabis comes from Nelson BC. It is listed as being grown indoors. Estimation of morphology is 60% sativa and 40% indica, although this could also refer to effects, I am not sure. THC percentage is supposedly 26% and CBD is 1%. This did not come with a certified lab report or anything to corroborate the cannabinoid values.

Visuals are strictly great. Buds are long and slender, coming to conical peaks. Trim is a little ragged but not compromisingly so. I’d say it lacks flashy elements that you see in excellent visuals, like obese calyxes or a colour shift due to trichome coverage, but it still looks very good.

Tactually, it’s pillow soft, there is a high degree of malleability. Has the slight touch of outward dryness when pinched and seems to return to form effortlessly. It’s ideal.

Grinds maintain good cohesion and I’d like to say I see a larger granule size over the cannabis I usually review, because of the moisture content. Also, when I return the ground contents back to the container, I often need to brush a layer of trichomes off the paper to the container, these grounds didn’t require the same, their trichomes appeared to remain attached.

See that we have a seed, a larger one. It lacks the dark colouring that a mature seed would have. There is also some smaller growth to be seen here, take a look.

Scent of the Headbanger flowers is beyond loud, it features notes of volatile fuel and citrus, so acidic it nearly corrodes the sinus. It’s hard to describe the degree of pronunciation, it’s like a career criminal casually loading an automatic weapon in the presence of polite company, it is shockingly blatant.

Headbanger flavour is thick and cutting, on a cataclysmic level. The full profile is multi dimensional, flowing with intent, changing on the inhale and exhale, leaving a sinuous residue on the palate. I find it rich in the lower tones, earths seamlessly blending to unclean petrols, and then again, to the rot of citrus fruit towards the top notes. The depth of taste is massive, you tend to notice something different about it with each use.

Initial pronunciation is wonderful, you don’t go looking for it, it reaches out to grab you. Longevity is exceptional, like a winding staircase, you can use this over and over to see how the character changes with each plateau.

Price on this Headbanger is $9.57 per gram, from a 7 gram package ($67). Gets into the mid $7s for ounce purchases. The only thing lacking was lab testing, for cannabinoid content and pesticides. The entire experience was exceptional and I felt like I took the measures to check to see the cannabis was well taken care of. With that being said, consumers should be conservative with their trust in these situations, and moreover, those providing these products should be aware of that. Third party verification is a good thing, for those putting out a reliable product, and certainly, for consumers.

Alright, let’s lay it down flat: Headbanger from Kootenay Craft. No sales licence, no testing. Worlds better quality than the vast majority of cannabis sold legally, for a 33-50% discount over the average price of legal product.

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