Hey there, pancakenap here, with a hash stick, by Hazel.

Product Description

Bought this at Value Buds, where there was no description given, just says indica on the label. I’ve seen this listed elsewhere and the vendor lists the offering as Death Bubba, so I was looking for the typical Death Bubba tastes when reviewing this. 


Looks like paprys rolled over itself. Appears to go around one and a half times.

Length looks short when you hold it, appears to be just longer than an inch.

I wonder if these are in rolled out in long sheets and then machine cut to length. Or if they are pre-rolled in a wet state, and allowed to dry in this form.


Smells non-characteristic a bit like hey or dry sift that sat out for a while.


I light it without inhaling because there is no centre I would inhale the flame straight into my mouth.


The first couple puffs are dry like smoking on a heavy paper.


Content is listed as 34% THC


Price was $21.97, for a one gram package. 


Took me ten minutes to consume.

Felt the experience was OK. There was a novelty factor that took it to the next level. Not sure if that would last for the second time.

The experience of using it was close to dried flower, but the effects were strong.

Using it was more functional than I thought, but still wouldn’t call it functional. Especially at the end.

I don’t regard the taste as good. Not very much like sticky hash. More like dry sift. 

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