Doing a haze today, Hawaiian Haze. This one was grow by Island Vibes on Vancouver Island, we looked at their Apple Fritter a while ago.

I have no experience here. Been to Hawaii, didn’t try their weed. Instead, I got by with some HSO Chocolate Mint OG I had grown a year earlier and that throwaway Mamba vape Aurora sells for $60.

One of the reasons I’m interested in exploring this offering comes from my love of Jordan of the Islands, specifically a cultivar called Hawaiian Lights, a Blue Hawaiian (by JotI) crossed to a Northern Lights. The plant (Hawaiian Lights) has little market presence outside of BC, but I see potential in it. So I’ve grown it for the past 3 years and I’m interested in exploring up the lineage. Which I expect to find in this Hawaiian Haze.

By name, Hawaiian Haze doesn’t tell us much. It’s safe to guess this is a long flowering cultivar from Hawaii but for specific information about the plant, we’ll need to find a breeder.

I can find a group called Abraxas with a Hawaiian Haze (strict), their version is a cross of Haze and a landrace called Hawaiian. The information I can find on Leafly is supportive of this, they list the lineage of Hawaiian Haze as Abraxas does.

With that being said, searching ‘Hawaiian Haze’ yields a bunch of results, some of them look really attractive. The Hawaiian landrace has many crosses. So, if we like what we see here, there is further exploring that can be done.

Starting the review, we look at a one gram package of Hawaiian Haze today. This arrived as one large bud (~600mg) and several other smaller buds (~100mg each).

Visuals are attractive on the Hawaiian Haze. Appearance is rather jagged and somewhat compartmentalized, nodes are tighter along the stem which causes some visual separation between them.

Colouring is a bit deeper, the purple hues are not prominent, instead blending towards the greens shifting the overall appearance to a darker state.

By touch, the buds are premium with good internal give and slight crispy outer shell. The bud doesn’t compress easily, density is really good.

Here is a video of how the grinds look.

Scent of these flowers are sickly sweet fruits. The profile is bouncy and cheery, with jubilance; there’s a lot to feel good about here. Much of the sharp haze notes suggested by the name are not present, so we’re lacking in aggression.

Heat from the vaporizer rounds out the flavours with some base note woods and a polite dose of top note fuel. The profile is dominated by the bubbling sweets noted in the scent, but the appearance of the secondary wood and fuel tones create an interesting composition. It leans energetic but doesn’t depart from the jubilance it greets with. I’d call it ignorantly blissful.

Alright, price on this single gram was $10. We just discussed this price point in the Blue Nuken review, it’s moderate for retail cannabis in general, but leans on the high side for illicit cannabis prices. Bulk prices are great, the discount is about 40%, double what I regard as average. No testing, no cannabinoid information was given for this offering, we’re riding dirty. I’ve since seen Hawaiian Haze at other online dispensaries for less so, it’s around if you’re looking.

Grow your own. Not sure if this particular Hawaiian Haze is the Abraxas cultivar, but let’s just assume it is for this review (welcome to Flowering time here is long, 10-14 weeks indoors, but yield is comparatively lower, 250-350 grams per square meter. I’d be really careful running something like this outdoors in higher latitudes, anticipating this will run well into November. Either way, doesn’t appear that Abraxas is active anymore, I wasn’t successful in finding one listing for their products. Keep in mind, the name is rather general so tread cautiously. Hawaiian Haze seeds have to be out there somewhere, probably Hawaii.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow for the next review, we’ll look at one of Tilray’s Canaca pre-roll products.

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