Today we review a tea bag. This one is called Focus No. 350, it’s done by TerrAscend, and is sold through their brand Haven St.

Tea, particularly loose leaf tea has some parallels with cannabis, especially in the way you navigate a purchase in a retail store. But you only get a bit of that here; putting the tea into a single serving bag takes most of the fun out of it, but hey, this is a step in the right direction.

This is the first drink review where I’ve had to prepare it. Because it’s the first review of this subsection, I don’t include a price analysis. I just make comments on the taste, and show a video of the preparation.


The package contained one tea bag.

I followed the instructions on the label to prepare it.


You’ll see in the video, I chose a teapot too large for the volume of water. As such, the bag didn’t fully submerge, but it did enough so that the water was wicked up into the bag to start the steeping process.


Smell is well blended ginger and vanilla with a flurry of herbs and spices. It’s interesting and invigorating.


Tastes are sweet, with vanilla and the typical dirty bite of black tea

Final Thoughts

At face value, I really enjoyed this. The product tasted great, and was a proper substitute to black tea.

I wouldn’t be outlandish to suggest that the inclusion of cannabinoids, particularly CBD, is close to the level of caffeine, which you don’t usually pay extra for. I’m used to paying extra for region, or rarity, and in comparison, this product feels really expensive.

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