I have a few reviews on this web site where I’ve scoffed at Hash Plant, like some pearl-clutching down-looker. There are a few Hash Plants I think are cool. Mostly you see them hybridized with names in the current trend of popularity, like cookies.


Seedfinder calls Hash Plant a clone only cultivar, originating from Nevil Schoenmakers and the magical time that was the late 1980’s. Other sources attribute it to Sensi Seeds, which I’d imagine came later on.

Cannabinoid Content

This Hash Plant was about average for the contest, 17.2% total cannabinoids, ~15% being THC. Did about 1% CBG as well.


I called this a Pink Kush, which is not a great guess but one I’ll stand by. This had a wealthy floral profile with perfumed earths, definitely has some overlap with certain Pink Kush characteristics. 


This won 4th for the judges category. The flavour profile had some softer sides but the prominent notes were mesmerizing. Not fierce, easy to get into, but there’s enough to capture interest. You can see it in the review below, I had a lot to say about it.

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