Hey pancakenap here, got some MAC1 Bubble Hash by Hank or Embark Delta.

Old review on an old product going on here. Bought this one at Shelter Market in fall of 2021, the product was about a year old at that time and now we’re here in June 2022 so the product is well over a year sitting in the package. I’d relate age doesn’t matter, this product still demonstrates the MAC1 profile with exceptional clarity, without some of the negative tastes you might associate with aged product.

Buyer Motivation

I bought this product to experience well made hash. This was solely based on producer reputation. At the time I’m writing this, there are a few more ‘artisanal-looking’ temple balls and other Hash products available but at the time of purchase I’m pretty confident this was THE apex bubble hash. So that’s why I bought it. Yeah I planned on using it, but I also just wanted to gauge the distance between top tier bubble hash and the average hash product.

Product Comparison

So one morning I hop on Twitter and see a tweet that said something like: “Producers trying to pass off dry sift like it’s bubble hash”, or something like that. I was just in the process of unpacking and taking pictures of this Hank product, so I did a side-by-side photo of Hank with some dry sift that had recently fallen out of a trim bin.

I got some comments back and forth. There were some suggestions that the products were comparable or maybe that the home grown dry sift was superior and I can tell you that is not the case, but you had to be there to smell them both. I’ll go more into this later; the MAC1 bubble hash has a refined scent, wealthy and detailed, without any volatile competitive scents. In comparison the dry sift is mostly comprised, and propped up by competitive volatiles which makes it seem bright and active when new, but may fade into negative tastes quickly. Both look similar when in the container. Fortunately one of the comments came from the producer of this bubble hash, and they gave me some insight on how they determine quality of a hash product. 

So I tried to repeat the photo on left as close as I could. The dry sift was scattered on a flat plane and I began to look for contaminants in the product. There were many to be seen, not just green plant material but I can also see thin filaments and dark brown granules in the mix. The separation also seems less precise, single trichome heads or stalks are not really identifiable in the dry sift. Instead they seem to appear in large clumps of many heads and stalks. 

In comparison, the Hank bubble hash contains very few green specs and none of the other contaminants I saw in the dry sift. The individual head and stalk pairs are observable.

Use Methods

Much of my hash usage goes like this: I keep a glass e-bottle on my half full of 63-79u bubble hash. The seal is gone so the jar isn’t airtight. When I want to use some hash, I tap a bit out into the lid and spoon it into the valve of a Volcano vaporizer which already contains about 2mm of dried flower. I keep adding until I have a 2:1 mix of dried cannabis to hash. I stir the contents, being careful not to let any particulate drop through the bottom screen. Then I tamp the mixture down with the top screen and use the Volcano as normal. The vapour is nice, usually is taken over or greatly modified by the taste of hash and the method of use is entirely appropriate for my home made stuff. 

However, the idea of mixing this refined product in the same manner seems like throwing caviar into cheerios so I’ve found good performance by using a S&B Mighty with their metal vape capsule packed with bubble hash. Setup and cleanup can be more labour intensive but I feel the trade off is efficient use without the possibility of combustion. One of the drawbacks is it only works for loose hash, like my homemade stuff or this Hank hash.

Some people might be comfortable loading this hash into a dab tool or e-rig. You get into the danger zone with chazzing your bowl but I think the argument is you can keep it clean by using a q-tip while the mixture is still hot liquid. I’m less into this method, not because of the aforementioned danger zone, but I think you get a taste feedback from heating cellulose material that way. Better to err on the low side when temperature is concerned, especially since you can program the vaporizer right to the vaporization point.

Mighty Method

For this review, I’m using the Mighty with a metal vape capsule. I use the capsule like an ice cream scoop to core out some of the bubble hash. You can see with the naked eye that the bubble hash is a mixture of fine particles but they’ve all come together to form one large macro-structure. The consistency is dry solid with a loose density, its almost like scooping out dry snow with a bucket. I’m using about 0.15g of bubble hash for this one. I cap the capsule and load it into the Mighty at 210C.


Scent of the bubble hash just as it sits in the jar is floral pine with a milky backer. The florals are brightened with citrus fruit, these notes are as aggressive as the profile gets but they are slightly toned down by the creamy backer. Most of the profile has an active feel, there aren’t very many earthy lows to bring it down.

The profile remains unchanged throughout the time I’ve had it, or I haven’t noticed the degradation that did occur. I’ve kept the jar in a desk drawer at room temp since November of 2021, opening it often just to take a sniff and I’d say its every bit as good as the day I got it.

I have a bit of trouble at the start with this method. The material and capsule have to heat for a minute, until that time airflow suffers.


The frontage on this is herbal citrus, I find it evolves fast, especially at temps above 180C, the real onset of taste is gassy pine with sour creams and earthy spices. The exhale tends to have a floral leave on the palate. With use there is a quick transition in taste to where the profile keeps the peppery gas on the inhale but moves towards a green chive herbal tone on the exhale. I’d characterize the profile as mostly herbal but there’s so many secondary notes at play you can really notice something new each time you inhale it.

Clarity of taste is notable with this product. I’m not combusting so there’s no harsh or occlusive tastes coming from combustion. I’m used to vaporizing dried flower, which usually has a well defined flavour profile, but the tastes are still somewhat fogged by the flower material. Which I don’t usually realize until I vape a product like this, and go back to dried flower, which seems so much more hot and irritating in comparison. The vapour from this product was cool and less irritating, you can really drink it in and notice every detail of in the tastes.

Output Material

After about 10 minutes of use the flavour has reduced enough that I’m ready to throw the material out. I’m left with about 0.07g of brown solid. There’s an oily residue on the top of the vape capsule and the intake pathway to the mouthpiece is very oily. There is little residue present inside the vape capsule or on the screen below. Looks like about 50% of the original mass was vaporized at the 210C the Mighty was set at.


THC content was shown as 53.4%. CBD content was 0.023%.


Regular price for this product at Shelter Market was $34.99, it’s a medical offering there. The 0.15g I used for this review costs about $5.25. I’ve seen (what I assume to be) the exact same product in the recreational market for up to $60, and I think you can get it from the OCS for about $43 at the time I write this.

I think a consumer approaching a product like this would be best to decide their method of use before hand. If you’re smoking, you have a ton of pressed hash options that are probably up to 50% less but you won’t be able to lay it on a flat plane to determine the quality. For vaporizing using a similar method to the one described above I think you have to choose between dry sift and something like this, but you can look at it under magnification to determine the quality similar to above.


I purchased the product just to see an accepted version of top tier bubble hash, I feel like it was worth the $35 ticket. If you use it like I did, you’d spend at most $7 per use and get 6+ uses from it. I could also see buying this for a gift or special occasion, just because it’s a high quality granular product in a market where most comparables at the price point are pressed. If you vape, and want to mix a concentrate in with your dried flower, the granularity offers some efficiency over using a glob of rosin or shatter in the vape (more exposed surface area). It’s also a good rendition of the MAC1 profile, so there’s a draw from that angle as well.

For those putting dry sift or hash snakes in their joints I fear that some of the points mentioned on taste might not be as relevant to you. The cheapest hash products look to be available around the $13/g mark and I’m not sure if its worthwhile to pay 300% more for a similar experience. That’s actually probably a better question for Squid Pants who seemed to be favourable on this pressed hash from The Batch.

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