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Went by Lake City Cannabis’ new Lincoln Park location one weekend morning. I didn’t think even the tender ofer me Greybeard Afghani Drifter.

Asked the bud tender what they recommend for good value. After being asked if I wanted a hybrid, sativa or indica high; the first suggestion was Black Widow by Emerald, at $16.99. The tender said they had experience with it, and thought it was a great value at $17.

Replied I was looking at something more pricey but with a similar rate of value, and they suggested this Greybeard Afghani Drifter product, which they had on sale for $42.99 (about a buck cheaper than the price shown at the provincial retailer in Alberta, $43.99). With a 5% loyalty discount, I paid about $39 before tax.

Received 5% off listed price with this loyalty card. Didn’t have to ask to sign up or give my name or email, they just stamped it and handed it to me.

This is my first review of a Greybeard product, but their reputation proceeds, I’ve seen many positive reviews, and a one or two reviews by disappointed consumers.


Now that I have the package open, I’d relate quality is pretty good; visually, the feel and how it smells.

I called olfaction good, but I found the tastes disappointing at times. Also, these buds display many seed pods, many housing minuscule seeds. It’s readily observable to the naked eye, across the surface of the bud, and in the grinds. In a vaporizer, I consider this inconsequential, you may feel different depending on your use method, and I wouldn’t argue.

But from afar, all buds are larger, trimmed well, with no smalls. There’s some shake in the bottom as the buds’ surface grinds against its neighbour, but I’d call that negligible.


Value is where I expect a diverse opinion on this product. Price per gram on this 3.5g product is $11.30.

Maybe you saw Tweeds Highlands, which they’re recently been calling Afghani, and maybe you saw it at $15 per gram like I did. Well, you’re going to love this product, and you’re going to pay less for it.

I’d also say those comfortable paying $10+ gram should find this comparable. Based on my experience in this price segment, I’d hesitate to say you’d find it favourable. I’m not sure I would choose this over a Natural History or Ogen product.

When you get down to comparing with products in the $6-8 per gram range I think you can see the benefits upon opening the package, or at least I could.

Has potential to compete on quality with some of the black market product I’ve seen, but the price holds it back.


Good shapes, rough surface details, nice scents, top notes on the flavours go quick but the dry down brings some grunt, and longevity. That’s what I’d say you get out of it.

Value depends on your perspective and experience. This is on the high side of average, but it’s a wild world, so I’d expect people to feel good and bad about the price point of Greybeard Afghani Drifter.

Bottom line; by my measure of the competition within the price segment, I thought this failed to make the cut. Other brands bring more for the same price.

Thanks for reading this post. Pictures and calculations follow.

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