Hey thanks for joining me for the review today.

This is a fairly common offering in our Canadian legal system, Alien Chemdawg. A few big producers do one, but the one we review here today is from a smaller producer, I think.

Call me maybe?

You’ll read below, I thought the detail elements on this flower were amazing. You can see similar quality in the Squid Pants reviews, the trichome clarity is near impeccable on his flowers, and I felt this Greenade flower was similar. I wanted to know their irradiation practices, so looked up their website, but I couldn’t find much on how they grow. 

So I called them, via the phone number on the back of the package, and left them a message. I hadn’t hear back by the time this review was posted, so if someone working there is reading this, email me. I’d like to know why this bud looks closer to the the home grown stuff that’s sent to me, than it does to the retail flower I purchase from a legal store.


Alien Technology x Chemdawg


New producer


Includes large and small buds, shape is pyramidal. Details are great, especially trichome clarity. Colouring is lime green flower on light brown stigma.


Running fingers across the surface, the bud feels dry, almost brittle. Inward force impresses well with good return. Bang on ideal, IMO.


Scent is decent, at least. Fuel and lime, funked out citrus leading to an earthy diesel, which translates into some ‘kushy’ earths


Tastes are lime laden earths, with funky aura that gets slightly metallic right at the edge. The composition occupies a respectable area, and stays within it; there is not much of it that stands proud or apart from the fray.


Price on this eighth was $33, or $9.43 per gram. Just below average by my general measure of the market, but a competitive price point for quality product. 


I’m critical on the olfactory properties of this flower, they’re good, with room for improvement. I cannot say enough good about how this flower looks up close in the details.


Above standard quality, looks like good clean weed.


The price is high, or the distance to the next best competitor is too short.


Strain name, suspected previous history, package kinda looks like a real grenade if the buds are bulky enough


Repeat buys for consumers with awareness of other brands in this price segment.

Comments on review stats

I wrote and posted this review before I had finalized the purchase stat calculations. When I saw the packaging length for this one, I was really surprised it was so high; above both benchmark averages I track (for the store and the market). Despite that, the feel of this cannabis was still quite good.

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