This is part 2/2 of the MAC mishap, where I thought a lot of Capulator’s Miracle Alien Cookies had been sold to some of the big guys, but it turned out to be an error on the Alberta Cannabis website. And an error in my part for not checking.

But that’s how we come to review Sativa, by Grasslands, which is a Sundial brand.


Visuals are on the low side of midrange. Size is smaller, but not disappointing. Buds are full, with adequate development and coverage up close. Nothing beyond that.


Feel on these buds isn’t so bad. They’re dry and dense, able to compress but not return.


Projection is weak and so is the character of the aroma, it’s hard to place what this actually is. Has notes of gritty pine like an OG, so I’d guess this could be a chemdawg, or their Raskal.


Frontage on the flavour is dusty, which you have to get past before you start to sense thin pine with slight petrols. Magnitude in flavour is low, so it’s hard to place what this actually is.


Price on this 5 gram package was $36.99, or $7.40 per gram. I think this package looked better than it tasted, which is the opposite of what you want. Neither looks or taste were very good, but the disparity between the two wasn’t huge, if it’s any consolation. This value offering is beat by other value offerings, which are beat by other offerings in this price segment.


Grasslands Sativa, had fair looks, some basic OG-type tastes, and also some tastes that made me question the product. Not devoid of olfactory quality but close. Price is slightly higher than the competition; value to the consumer is low.


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