Here’s a little about me: I love Grape LA. Done well, it wows.

Bred by DNA Genetics, it’s a Grapefruit with their LA Confidential. 

Aurora had a version, it was an ok rendition, but they haven’t offered it in a while.

Today we review Wildlife Cannabis Co’s version, and it’s just great. And I’m really thankful that they brought it back.


Alright, it might not look like much, but there’s more than meets the eye here. Basic features; orange, green. Shape of the buds are plump, rotund; more indica than hybrid. Trichomes are there, but not overtly so. You get a good amount of detailed development if you look up close, and it gets better.



The feel is ideal. Above average, you can really put your weight into it and even give it some torsional force before the flower breaks apart. And the size of the buds lend themselves to a nice touch but even the smaller buds are dense and feel very nice.



Acidic citrus notes stem from sweetly skunked earths, rocketing forth, and back again, towards sweet earths graced by herb and menthol. This version has great projection throughout the entire profile. 



The frontage manages an acidic topside over a sweeter base, and the interaction between the two appears with a  peppery funk. The midrange is thin layer of spoiled fruit; more spoiled than fruit. The base is again, sweet and powdery, which is slightly spoiled by the adjacent mixtures. Longevity is good, this dries down into a nicer afghani earth tone with use in the vaporizer, a welcome change from the more high strung top notes of this profile. 



Price on this 3.5 gram package was $19.50, with the 25% first timers discount. Still under $25 the next time I go buy it, which I will do. Even at full price I think this is great value for the $7 per gram segment.

The moisture content lead to longevity in flavour (assuming), the longevity in flavour lead to better value. On low setting in a vaporizer, you can get multiple uses out of this, with good flavour each time. At this price, perhaps no so applicable for at home use, but on the go where frequent changes can be a hinderance, this type of longevity is helpful. 



Grape LA; it does what it does, very well. To me it’s like the start of the second act of Phantom of the Opera, this sings loud and proud, and, stealing the lyric, its spectacle is astounding. Not everybody likes musical theatre, I wouldn’t count myself in the group. But I’m not outlandish to suggest lovers of other genres flirt outside their normal behaviour. Every time I hear the song, I really enjoy it. Personally, that’s how I love Grape LA and how I’d suggest it to you. Something outside the normalcy of the usual cannabis tastes. Maybe not something you’d want to have every day, but once in a while, it can be really enjoyable. 

Sincere compliments on this Grape LA from yours truly. I ranked it amongst my favourites.

Great job. Fair price. Makes me proud of Canadian cannabis.

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