Here we review a pre-roll product, this particular one is Grand Daddy Purp.

This is produced by DelShen, sold under their brand 48 North.

The package included 3 pre-rolls, total weight of the dried cannabis across the 3 was 1.05 grams, so you get about a third of a gram in each. Just makes for a weird package size, not too many 1.05 gram packages out there.

As far as quality goes, there isn’t a lot to work with. Olfaction was low, and the pre-roll contains the usual mixture of stuff you do, and do not, want to see in a pre-roll. You can zoom in on each picture to see exactly what is contained inside. I’ve broken open about 8 pre-roll products by now, I regard this as normal.

Before we leave, I’d relate to you the interesting part of DelShen and 48 North is two fold. First, they have some interesting genetics like Green House’s Holy Punch and Franco’s Lemon Cheese. Secondly, they’re the sole producer I can find right now with outdoor listings. I’ve seen one in the duration of this review, having done so, I’d recommend not getting too excited about those genetics I just mentioned.

Anyways, if I had any logic to offer on why you would buy this product, I would submit it to you here.

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