Gold Kush (Kinky Kush) Pre-Roll by CannTrust (Liiv)

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Today we have CannTrust’s Gold Kush pre-roll product, this is sold under their Liiv brand and they call it Kinky Kush.

We’ve reviewed Gold Kush before in whole flower form, I felt it’s recommendable. Quality is evident for Gold Kush and CannTrust claims it makes some attractive numbers (28%THC and ~3% sum terpene content). Like most CannTrust offerings, Gold Kush has potential to be a rename of an existing cultivar, it lacks presence in traditional markets, and I am unable to attribute it back to a breeder.

The Gold Kush pre-roll we review today was packaged September 2018. The box contains a tube with one pre-roll, weighing one gram (my measure was 0.95g). Total THC for the unit is 280mg THC with less than 1mg CBD. Price on this preroll was $10.00 per gram, 23% less than the average price of the ten pre-rolls I’ve reviewed previously ($12.86 per gram).

Like previous pre-roll reviews, the cannabis contents were removed from the paper and placed in a filter box. The box was shaken intermittently and occasionally placed under a vibrator for 30-40 minutes at a time. After 6 days, the separated contents were removed from the box and weighed.

In total, 0.79 grams of the original 0.95 grams (83%) was recovered from the filter box. The material that remained on the top of the filter weighed 0.35g or 44% of the total weight recovered. The material that fell through the filter weighed 0.44g or 56% of the total material recovered.

Check the video below, it’s the most valuable part of this review. The material on top of the screen has been filtered and material on the black plastic surface is what has fallen through.

The first observation I want to make is about the amount of stem, I personally view it as normal. I’ll remove the major stems from a cannabis bud before I grind it, but some stems are left internally, I remove those from the grinds before rolling the cannabis. The Gold Kush pre-roll contents appear to have their major stems removed, but not the internal stems. Draw your own conclusion, my basic observation is: this pre-roll includes some amount of stem.

Secondly, the seeds included look barely developed. Some look small enough to pass through the filter and the vast majority look malformed or broken. Few shells show dark colouring and instead, look light green or slightly beige. Again, draw your own conclusion, my basic observation is: the contents here show some evidence of reproductive growth.

In the scope of my reviews in the pre-roll product category, I regard this Gold Kush pre-roll as relatively good, because it contains comparatively less seed/stem and, the price deviates well below the average.

Check back to the review of CannTrust’s Warlock pre-roll (Synr.g, Fantasy Island) to compare with the quality seen here. I’ve completed 9 reviews of CannTrust products so far, check this link to see those. Finally, this link will bring you to all pre-roll reviews, regardless of producer.

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