Looking down God’s Green Crack today, this is a very popular cultivar bred by Jordan of the Islands.


Jordan’s God Bud crosses are all named using the same system, so it’s safe to assume this is God Bud with Green Crack. From previous reviews of Green Crack, we know the true source often cannot be confirmed. 

Buyer Motivation

Popular BC offering I haven’t had in a while.


Colouring leans into the yellow tones, pulled by the larger orange stigma and prominent trichome coverage. Trim seems good, stems are jagged. Size is medium small, and shape is rotund, but was compressed by the package.


Feel is rock hard.


Sweet and immediately dank, dark and low, with baritone florals that give the warm resonance to the profile. Character is warm and inviting, leaving a tart feel in the sinus.


Tastes are sweet melon with spiced sandalwood and lavender over a plateau of perfumed florals accented by tarry resin. Dries down into a peppery pear.

Value Statement

Price on this single gram was $3.50, very low for this package size in any market. At this price you probably want to confirm the quality before you pay.


Aromatically, this does really well, and is appreciable by a wide audience. This particular offering wasn’t the best I’ve seen, but it did hit all the high points of the profile.

Consumer Benefits

Good value, okay quality with a great price. An ounce is $98

Consumer Pains

Not being able to confirm the quality before hand. Lot’s of stem. Looks older at first glance.


Price. Strain name. Region.


Some may want to pay more for better quality, and any complications with the vendor type.

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