Looking at a one gram vape cartridge containing delta-9 distillate today. No brand here, this is legacy product.

Vape Cart Experience

This review is written by a vape cart rookie, I’ve got 2 under my belt at the time of writing. Technically its actually about 1.5, because I gave the last one away half way through.

To me, major motivator for using this product type is based on necessity, which just doesn’t apply to my lifestyle personally. But I sure don’t argue with the usefulness of a product like this.

God’s Gift

This item is billed as God’s Gift, which is a GDP x OG Kush, but this product has a terpene mix added afterwards, so any cultivar specific value is negligible, I’d argue.


Tastes like hugging someone wearing a lot of perfume.


At the time of writing, there’s concentration around the $41 level for a legal one gram vape cart, and it’s fairly obvious, I think a consumer can go online and observe it when browsing (in Alberta). There’s offerings above that level, and some half gram carts that fill the space between $20-$39,

Price on this legacy product is $39/g, a $2 difference from the group of most economical legal vape carts (around $41/g).

Additionally, I have comparative values from a Haven St. distillate cartridge I purchased ($168.58/g), and a Pure SunFarms oil cartridge ($59.80/g). Both data points were taken in 2020, which could serve as an indicator how prices have changed over the year. The Haven St. cart I bought at nearly $170/g, is now priced at $69.98/g.

Anyways, just a few data points from my personal dataset, not the whole market. I think the interesting part wasn’t this product, it’s the prices from the legal market; which may be becoming competitive with the existing market.


I think vape carts are more convenient than they are gross, but they are both.

God’s Gift is a Grand Daddy Purple crossed to a OG Kush. Humboldt Seed Organization has a version that has a pretty fast flowering time (<50 days); which isn’t part of this review, but now that it’s here, is the most interesting part of this review (vape carts are boring to write about).

Legal vape carts are getting cheaper. Some of the least expensive legal cartridges are around the price of this legacy cartridge.

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