Looking at God Bud today.

God Bud is a Jordan of the Island’s cultivar. In some places, I see this attributed to the BC Bud Depot. Both outfits have an offering, one seems a bit more credible to me, I can’t be certain, so that’s were I leave it.

This review was made possible by Squid Pants, he sent it in to me from Ontario. At that time, Redecan wasn’t available in Alberta, so Squid did me a favour by sending this in. During the time it took me to write the review, Redecan entered the Alberta market.

I found it hard to be enthusiastic about the quality. It’s not the best version of God Bud I’ve seen. In fact, I saw an entry God Bud  to the amateur indoor category of the 4Plants cup that I’d say beats easy. Not an apples to apples comparison, but I’ve seen a lot more from this cultivar from multiple sources.

Redecan’s version makes good numbers, looks ok in the pictures, is lacklustre quality, thats my read on it.

If you like Jordan of the Island’s God Bud, you can buy a pack of regular seeds for $60 and grow it yourself really easily. 

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