We have another home grown review today. This is the 3rd flower we’ve looked at from Jamaican Rios, and the cultivar he has grown is called God Bud 2.0, bred by Jordan of the Islands.

Like all of JR’s gear we’ve seen so far, this was grown in soil, indoors, near Canada’s East coast in New Brunswick. Big thanks to him for sending this gift in, so we can all take a look at it.

God Bud is a popular hybrid, putting it lightly. There is God Bud, and we’re looking at God Bud 2.0, Jordan’s recreation of the cultivar. The breeder’s description claims this version will make bigger yields and has stronger effects than its predecessor.

On the website, Jordan of the Islands gives the lineage for God Bud 2.0 as God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk. God is a different from God Bud, I can find posts that attribute the former to a Skunk #1 cross to The Purps.

These buds are nearly cylindrical in shape. Taller than wider, and the apical peaks are almost dull, causing the shape to look more bullet like than conical. Buds are tight and compact, about the size of an adult’s thumb.

Scent of these flowers are deep peppery grape. It’s dark and sweet, with the pepper tones in crescendo, becoming nearly electric towards the edges of the profile.

Flavours of this flower are balanced towards the earth tones. The bright spots of the profile blur with a rougher garble. Despite the dark and rougher components, the profile remains polite, showcasing the earth tones on the frontage of the profile.

I’d call God Bud 2.0 a good first time grow cultivar. I’ve grown it before, and I’d say it was a pleasure. The plant grows short and stout but produces well for the volume of space it occupies. The flowering time is manageable, ~60 day indoor and you could grow it outdoors if you’re close to the 49th parallel. Most importantly, the tastes are interesting, so you may not get bored with it as quickly. I’d also call it versatile, usable throughout the day, which may be contrary to popular belief about God Bud.

Anyways, it had been a while since I’ve seen God Bud and this version was a nice reminder. Sincere thanks to Jamaican Rios for the gift. This is our 4th JR review and it won’t be the last, we still have a couple more to look at.

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