Hey pancakenap here with some gift cannabis GoBlue’s Simply Irresistible. 

We were gifted flower from 3 different individuals grown outdoors in Canada. The individuals differ in the time they were given for vegetative and they all differ slightly from each other.  We’ll run down each and note the differences in looks, aroma and taste.


Sweet Skunk x Incense Haze


Chimera Genetics is the breeder of this cultivar.


This flower is from Go Blue’s hoop house grow. The plants grew outdoors and were deprived of light using the hoop house to simulate the dark period. This procedure caused flowering to be initiated earlier in the summer, which allowed the plants the amount of time necessary to fully ripen before the end of summer. 


Go Blue called this tweety because it was yellow when it vegetated. Structure of this flower grew loose and open, so the shape is similar; round and amorphous. Colouring is vibrant lime green over flat brown. Development at the surface of the flower is less dense, so it’s difficult to spot the line between bract and trim leaf.


Aroma is mainly comprised of pine with hints of oily neem. Familiar spices play secondary but there is more of a green-feel to this individual.


Whispy haze with piney neem and citrus accents. Has a similar high side to the day 19 individual with a similar finish. Pulls back on the fruit and earth tones but for some reason I get more citrus out of it, especially on the finish.

Day 19 Individual

The day-19 flowers are tear drop in shape with good bract development stacking along the long internal stem. Colouring is less vibrant than Tweety but still stays green and brown. Surface development is great; bracts are plump with good trichome coverage throughout.


Floral resin is central here, but lacks the tart nature seen in the Day 29 individual. I find a sour cheese with this individual, becoming fruity as it puckers.


Flavours seem more present on the high side of the profile; gassy fruit and spice. The myrcene seems more perceptible which smooths out the feel. Tastes of this individual feel more cutting than the Day 29 individual. The profile appears in similar magnitude but there is less dimension to it overall.

Day 29 Individual

The day-29 flowers appear more stout than the day-19 flowers. A greater level of density is apparent, both longitudinally along the stem and along the flower’s surface. Colouring is similar to the day-19 flowers; brown and green. Trichome coverage appears to be very good. 


Skunked floral resin with tart citrus edges. The feel is upward but it remains grounded as most of the aroma resides in the floral resin tones.


Spices come out on the frontage, with sandalwood, exposing its haze background. The finish is fruit, frayed somewhat by the skunk. Character of the composition is delicate and feminine.


Thanks to Go Blue for giving us a look at this grow. Was interesting to see what can be done outdoors in Canada with a longer flowering time. In Alberta where I grow outdoors, we have reliable snow mid-October each year so the idea of using a hoop house to beat the early winter weather seems pretty attractive.

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