Glueberry’s Baby

After a quick check, there’s no info on ‘Glueberry’s Baby’. Dutch Passion has a Glueberry OG, a OG Kush, Gorilla Glue #4, Blueberry cross. My best guess on the cultivar we review today would be a Glueberry incross, or Glueberry bag seed with an unknown father. 

Cannabinoid Content

This beat the average by 25%, achieving 22.7% total cannabinoids. Not the highest I’ve seen, but certainly nothing to balk at.

Guess on Cultivar

I guessed this was a Afghani or Hindu Kush. If this cultivar is in fact Glueberry, this is not a good guess. At the very least, I should have been able to pick out the Blueberry. If it was something else, I won’t be so hard on myself. 


The entry didn’t place. I ranked it above average overall. Didn’t make my top 5, I called it uniform and plain. Which isn’t necessarily a detraction for normal use, but it was in the scope of this contest. The take-home message here is really not about the cultivar, it’s only fault was it didn’t stand out amongst the group, it’s more about selecting a cultivar for a contest entry; you want to pick something exotic. 

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