Glow Buds by Organigram (TrailBlazer)

Thanks for joining me for the review today. We’re doing Organigram’s Glow Buds, sold through their Trailblazer brand.

What’sMyPot made this one possible. They shipped it over to Alberta from Ontario. Big thanks to them for facilitating the review.

At the time I wrote this, this listing was the, or amongst the lowest prices in the country. As I’m interested in the value side, I also grabbed Aurora’s Summer Fling and The Batch’s Half Quarter. So you’ll see those reviews this week as well.


Memorable elements from this review; poor quality and lower numbers.

The mass price was low, the cannabinoid content was a bit lower. As a function of active content, this came out on the low side of average price. So pricing was competitive from those perspectives. 

What mattered more, the quality. Looks were ok, but the bud suffered both in feel and olfaction, so it was hard to find value along the lower level of quality. 

I ranked it poorly, but I’ve seen much worse going on in the value segment since; I don’t regard this Glow Buds as the worst deal in the world.


Two asides to note, one more relevant than the other.

I’m looking at all the vape product in the market right now. Organigram lists their ‘Glow’ 510 product as Cherry Pie, which I’d relate to you as an interesting cannabis cultivar, and a tasty artificial flavour; but I’m not sure which one ‘Glow’ is. If this flower was Cherry Pie, it didn’t arrive with enough character to notice.

The other thing I noticed, Organigram has an edible line called Edison Bytes, which I think appeals to both Organigram’s lovers and contrarians. Certainly got a laugh out of me.

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