Taking a look at Ghost Train Haze by WeedMD today.

I thought value was marginal here, sticks out in my memory. The price was slightly higher than average for the package size and, although I’m not the biggest Ghost Train Haze fan, the quality was slightly more than likeable. Like in my review of Pedro’s Sweet Sativa, the value proposition is somewhat favourable but the price doesn’t scale. At the time of writing there is no bulk discount offered on this listing.

Unfortunately, it’s probably the best place to get to know Ghost Train Haze, a cultivar from Rare Dankness. And if you like it, I’d suggest taking a look at what the breeder has done with the lineage since. Ghost Train Haze has interesting progeny (Dark GhostTrain) and crosses back to the parental generation (Moonshine’s Ghost Train).

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the formal review and the unboxing video below.

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