Looking at a container of Rare Dankness’ Ghost Train Haze, or Aurora Thor.

This is one I purchased last year and sat on, longer than I normally do. I purchased it from Aurora’s medical store and the quality was so poor I wasn’t sure if I was going to post it or not.

I bet if I would have sent pictures of the product I received to Aurora they would have sent me a credit or something. Thats just my speculation, because the quality here is so far outside what I’ve known of them. I don’t mean that to be overly generous, don’t get me wrong, there stuff is below average at times, but not nearly this bad.

The numbers look pretty good here, cannabinoid content is substantially above average. How the numbers translate to the actual cannabis in the container I received, Im not sure, but strictly by the numbers, it performs. People say numbers aren’t everything and this serves as an overt example.

That being said, this had olfactory presence. And, sinceI have allowed this flower to sit since the date of purchase, I can say it has maintained that presence a surprising amount. So while the looks bad, I bet if it was sold pre-milled, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

Anyways, here’s the review. The visuals were bad, olfaction was ok, value is null. I have a more elaborate version below.

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