Looking at Gelato here today, an unbranded, quad A Gelato actually.


The vendor notes this is a Sunset Sherbet crossed to a Thin Mint GSC, done by Cookies.

Buyer Motivation

Qualitative designation.


Looks are above average. Trim is pretty good for the quoted quality. Trichome coverage is adequate, and trichome size looks notable. Colouring is fairly standard; the flower leans green as the stigma seem less apparent.


The flower is fairly dense, so feel is firm.


Sweet, earthy, bridging to firm fruit with red liquorice feel, after which the profile dives back down into the earths, becoming chocolate and floral.


Tastes are gassy pine with nutty resin, which is somewhat fruity, and is the bridge to hashy earths which carry the resinous tones lower. Character is like a streamlined OG Kush, where the raspy top notes of an OG appear blended with, and somewhat subdued by the sweeter earths.

Value Statement

Price on this single gram was $9.30; about average for the single package size, but not great in bulk, this is a $260 ounce.


Tones down the more aggressive qualities of an OG with some sweeter, more floral earths. Leaves a positive impression but won’t rock your world, I’d say.

Consumer Benefits

Brand name strain at an ok price.

Consumer Pains

Some may argue with the qualitative designation.


Breeder. Strain name. Qualitative designation. Probably in that order.


Bulk price offers little discount above single gram purchases, no credit cards.

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