Looking at an unbranded Gelato #41 today, this is bred by Cookies.


Thin Mint Cookies x Sunset Sherbet

Buyer Motivation

Strain name


Good visuals. Cylindrical buds coming to sharp peaks. Trim is very good. Trichome coverage is noticeable; orange stigmas are more prominent than the green fascia because of it.


Buds are dense but have good moisture content, they’d impress flat with enough force.


Sweet vanilla with new pine and tart ending. Richly oiled earths make up the bottom of the profile.


Tastes are creamy pine and vanilla with a thin midsection of fruit over gingered earths.

Value Statement

Price on this single gram was $9.50. Getting closer to top tier for this vendor type. Pretty close to average for the single gram package from a legal operator.


Great visuals, better flavour. For retail, quality was near top notch on this.

Consumer Benefits

Good quality on a trendy strain, for a price around the average in most markets; good value in smaller packages.

Consumer Pains

Bulk price.


Trendy strain name, and breeder.


Complications due to vendor type.

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