Hey pancakenap here, reviewing Gas Daddy.

Bit of a slump review here today. Thought it was a cool product; good looks, new (to me) cross, cool colours etc. About halfway though this offering, I discovered powdery mildew in another offering sold from the same vendor. I usually like to keep comments limited to the product I’m reviewing, but I can’t say I was able to separate the two on this one. Both products are unbranded (unknown producer), and it’s hard to argue it didn’t tarnish the sentiment throughout all the purchases from the vendor.

Still, I felt like this one was worth having awareness for.


Great visuals. Large, full buds with good surface development. Colouring is primarily purple, with green accents. 


Touch was good. I reviewed this over a month period and by the end the buds were crispy to the tough, but still had decent internal moisture content.


Sweet earths make up the frontage on this scent profile. Thin hydrocarbons play secondary, and have receded now that the buds have aged a month. Still, the profile is adequately maintained. Not prominent, but present.


The profile is fruity gas with an immediate down turn into some sweet earths. The profile seems to keep the fruit influence as it descends into earth tones, which feel very candy-like as a result.  Character is sweet-fruit primarily, and the hydrocarbon flavours seem secondary.


Price on the quarter was $48 or $6.86 per gram. That includes a 25% bulk discount. Of course, I would have difficulty relating good value at this price point given my experience with making this purchase, otherwise I would relate the price point is very competitive for the quality seen in this review.

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