Once upon a time, Lake City Cannabis sold an eighth of Broken Coast Moresby for $10 and change.

That’s not $10 per gram, it’s $10 per 3.5 grams. I bought several, and mailed them to Ontario, to someone who mailed me back this: Gage’s Strawberry Fire OG; an offering not available in my home province.

We’re also moving to a new review format. The content stays the same, the delivery more compartmentalized and the filler is removed. I like those Strategyzer books, so I’ve tried to convert their thought processes towards cannabis, coupled with the traditional qualitative evaluation.

Quick notes on how to read this.

Purchase info is shown within teal boarders. Content and other supportive information is shown purple. Value proposition from both sides of the sale is shown in blue.

I’ve thrown in a few more measures on each dimension. Relevant stats or averages are stated first. Comparative figures with respect to this review are shown in parenthesis. I show variance in percent and actual units (thanks to Squid Pants for that suggestion).

Historical information across my entire purchase history follows.

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