Future S1-5

Looking at a TCLEWSI entry called Future today. Originally bred by Exotic Genetix, this flower is from feminized seed produced by a self-crossed, feminized selection.

Review Protocol

For these reviews, I’ll be providing my own comments side by side with Squid Pants. We’ll show our respective rating for each entry, and how far it was from the contest average decided by all the judges.

Qualitative data for each entry is also shown summarized:

  • Combustion Rating – How well it burned on a 5 point scale
  • Potency Rating – How strong you thought it was on a 7 point scale
  • Longevity Rating – How long the effects lasted on a 7 point scale
  • Anxiety Rating – Amount of anxiety felt, 7 being the highest
  • Stimulation Rating – Sedative to stimulant on a 7 point scale
FUTURE S1 Contest Stats

Just over 30% of responses chose to vaporize Future S1, the rest chose combustion.

Was ranked 2nd best (behind Blue Dream) for combustion. And received second highest anxiety rating of all the entries.

Beating both the contest average and median value, this entry placed 3rd overall, in the middle of 3 very closely ranked entries (the others being Wild Thailand, and Platinum x Platinum Kush Mints).

Both Squid Pants and myself rated it above average compared to the rest of the group. Of the judges that saw it, Squid Pant’s score was 2nd highest, and my(future s1) score was 5th.

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