Checking out a dawg cross today, this is an unbranded Four Star General.

Buyer Motivation

Someone I follow on twitter called this ‘the dawg of dawgs’. That got me.


Good, from some angles; rugged looks from others. One upper bud with a few lowers. Straddles the line for standard features, doesn’t have any luxury elements. Trim is good, but incomplete.


Good moisture content, almost chewy in the grinder.


Scents are guttural pine over dirty diesel. Character is green and slightly herbaceous, but the whole of the profile is near rotten funk with garlic fuel.


Tastes are chemical pine with raspy gas, there’s slightly sweetened earths that become more prevent on the exhale. Much of the intake is one dimensional and intense with the finish bringing the only dynamism. Magnitude is notable, longevity is not.

Value Statement

Single gram was $8, about the base price of a single gram where you could still expect reasonable quality.


Tastes are there but the impression left doesn’t last. Won’t haunt your dreams, and I suspect this flower is capable or more.

Consumer Benefits

Cheap tickets for a lauded strain.

Consumer Pains

Poor showing for a lauded strain.


Mild awareness, coupled with low price.


Few at this price point. Some aficionados may want to pay more for better quality.

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